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    Remember how we discussed the fact that Saint Augustine isn’t just one type of grass, there are multiple varieties within the Saint Augustine family? Well Bermuda is the same.

    As a whole, Bermuda grasses are known to have a grey-green coloring, and short, rough blades. Known for its deep root system and durability through drought once established, Bermuda grows horizontally and excels in temperatures between 75-99° F, making it an excellent choice for our area. As a whole, Bermuda is not shade tolerant and will strive in full sun.

    Some of our favorite & most sought after Bermuda varieties include:

    1. Celebration Bermuda:

    our favorite Bermuda variety, perfect for a homeowner looking for the look of “golf course grass.” Celebration is one of the best varieties for drought resistance once established (although we always recommend having an adequate water supply). Celebration offers a dark, blue-green hue, and is a durable sod perfect for high foot traffic including sports, pets, and active children. Celebration will grow best in full sun, but can tolerate limited shade once established. Given it’s durability, Celebration is an excellent choice for athletic fields and commercial areas (including parks and other high traffic public areas).

    2. Tiftuf:

    offers drought resistance, and a bit of shade tolerance. Tiftuf offers a fine texture, bright green coloring, soft touch, dense growth, and durability, which makes it a top choice to create a beautiful lawn, and proves it as a good option for residential installation, as well as commercial areas including parks, and athletic fields.

    3. Bimini:

    a hybrid Bermuda that was engineered specifically for athletic fields. A durable turf that is tolerant of foot traffic, and offers a low-maintenance option given its pest and disease resistance. Bimini offers a dark green blade that is soft to the touch and grows in an upright direction. With its deep root system once established, Bimini offers a bit of drought resistance, and is a fast growing grass. Given it’s features, Bimini is a great option for residential lawns, as well as commercial areas (including parks) and athletic fields.

    4. Tifway 419:

    similar to other Bermuda varieties, Tifway is an option for athletic fields, as it strives in full sun and is a durable turf; however, it is not a top choice for residential lawn use.


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