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  • What is the best time of year to replace my lawn?

    What is the best time of year to replace my lawn?

    Say what you will about our Floridian climate – the heat and humidity aren’t loved by all; however, it allows many of our favorite plants (grass included) to thrive in all of our “seasons.” If you’ve transplanted from up north to Florida, you may argue that we don’t experience seasons down here – that’s because they’re not to the extreme of northern seasonal changes.

    Our lack of extreme seasonal changes allows a number of sod varieties to flourish year-round. Many of the varieties we work with here locally are specifically engineered to thrive in our climates and would not survive up north.

    While all of the varieties that we promote are able to withstand our heat – they are still susceptible to drought and getting burnt in extremely sunny/hot/dry circumstances. Healthy lawns will always require some type of maintenance. Our biggest battle with grasses in Florida is the little bit of cold weather that we do get in the winter. Some may go dormant, but with proper maintenance they should survive our varying weather here in the Tampa Bay Area.

    Since our cold weather is limited – we don’t receive much of it, and what we do receive isn’t extreme – we have the ability of successfully installing sod year-round without issue. That being said, if the fact that summer is coming to an end is holding you back from purchasing sod & replacing your lawn, then think again! Now is just as good of a time as any to plant your new lawn.

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