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  • Do I really need to fertilize my lawn?

    Do I really need to fertilize my lawn?

    Many people are under the impression that once their lawn has been installed, it will continue growing beautifully since it is new and healthy; however, that’s not always the case. After care plays an important factor in the overall health and look of your lawn – this includes irrigation, fertilization, and pest and weed control. Today’s focus is on fertilization.

    While each yard’s needs will vary – fertilizer as a whole is almost always necessary. Fertilizer will work with nutrients that are already present in your soil – you can think of fertilizer like a multi-vitamin, it will balance out what’s already there, and provide additional nutrients for what may be lacking. Soil needs assistance to maintain the proper balance of nutrients that are there to promote healthy growth of your lawn. Over time, especially in our sandy Floridan soil, these nutrients that can be found naturally in healthy soil will begin to fade away and will need to be replenished – that’s where fertilizer comes in.

    Healthy soil needs three main components:

    • Nitrogen: promotes rapid growth of the leaf blade itself
    • Phosphorus: stimulates root growth & enhances overall lawn health (remember, healthy roots = healthy grass)
    • Potassium: works to keep the grass healthy and disease-resistant

    Having these main proponents available to your lawn will promote a multitude of benefits to your lawn including thick, lush grass growth, beautiful coloring, disease resistance, less weed growth, and better overall health.

    The type of fertilizer needed, amounts needed, and frequency of treatments vary based on lawn type, needs, and current health. While fertilizer treatments can be done on your own, it is possible to cause damage by fertilizing incorrectly – due to the various types on the market, as well as frequency/components/time of year, etc. Because of the potential harm that can be caused, we highly recommend speaking with a professional to come up with a proper treatment plan for the best outcome possible. In the event you are adamant about doing it yourself – please make sure to do an abundance of research on every aspect of fertilizing including the particular type you are purchasing.

    As was mentioned above – fertilizer is just as important to your grass as proper nutrients are to your diet, so make sure it’s done right! You don’t want to see your investment go to waste because of a bad treatment plan.

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