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  • How Sod is an Important Erosion Control Tool

    How Sod is an Important Erosion Control Tool

    A large portion of our business is derived from an erosion control standpoint. We spend countless hours perfecting areas that face washout damage due to natural elements such as wind and rain that negatively impacts a number of environments including construction sites, stormwater ditches, land development sites, roadside medians, as well as landfills, ponds, lakes, and coastal areas.

    We use sod as a natural form of erosion control that will help to prevent runoff from bare ground. Contrary to popular belief, sod isn’t just about looks – it does serve a very important purpose! With sod in place, the ground is more protected and less likely to wash out. Erosion control is incredibly important as it creates a barrier of protection to prevent runoff including construction debris, soil, chemicals, and other pollutants from entering our waters. Erosion is a natural process; however, excessive erosion will take a toll on the environment over time in a multitude of ways:

    •  Pollution of local water bodies, which will reduce human access, harm wildlife, and raise water levels. Additionally, it can have a negative impact on the equipment used to treat drinking water, which will increase the production and supply cost.
    • Eroded materials can clog culverts, which will promote localized flooding. Once localized flooding begins, all eroded materials will proceed into our roadways which can be hazardous.

    Typically, Bahia is the sod of choice for erosion control. As we mentioned above, erosion control is done as a practical matter, not necessarily to be aesthetically pleasing, so Bahia provides the support needed to the area, while being cost efficient and low-maintenance.

    As a whole, erosion control is an important matter that can be easily overlooked, as its effects can be slow and not easily noticed in the short-term; however, ignoring the matter will lead to long-term damages that may be irreparable after a certain point. It’s important to stay ahead, and do our part in protecting the environment.

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