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  • Supporting Small Business

    This may be a little off topic compared to most of our blog posts, but given today’s social climate, we feel it’s important to touch on the importance of being an asset your local community.

    COVID-19 has impacted everyone a little differently – some are hurting worse than they ever have before, while others are flourishing. It’s important that we all come together to support each other.  

    The monetary benefits of shopping local are endless – when you shop local, you are infusing money back into your local community, rather than spreading it amongst the corporations that are monopolizing various industries nationwide (and globally). When you support a large corporation, you may be helping someone climb the corporate ladder, you may be helping them reach sales goals, or achieve a promotion; however, when you are shopping local, you are helping your neighbor buy soccer cleats for their child, you are making sure that the family you saw at Publix can buy groceries this week, and you are helping the local sports teams that the small business supports by hanging banners around the football field.

    Supporting a small business isn’t always about buying whatever they’re selling – sure it’s obviously helpful if you are able to; however, it’s not always the right time, or product for you. If you find yourself wanting to support a local business, it would be a huge help to simply share their name with your friends and family members. Although their product might not be your cup of tea, or you might not have the money to spare at this time, there’s a good chance someone you know might be looking for what that business has to offer. Are you a small business owner? How have you teamed up with other local small businesses to support each other? Do you have any tips or tricks for how we can work together for the betterment of our local community?

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