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  • Sprigging vs. Sodding

    We’ve talked in the past about the differences between sodding and seeding, but what about sprigging?

    Sprigging is the planting of small plant pieces. There is special machinery that takes sod apart into smaller pieces (sprigs), some even spread the sprigs for you, or you can plant by hand.

    Some people may wonder how sprigging actually works and the grass fills in – well, this part takes time. Many sod varieties grow horizontally, such as St. Augustine and Bermuda, so they will slowly grow outwards & will ultimately connect with other sprig pieces to create a beautiful, fully sodded area.

    Why sprig when you can sod? Sprigging tends to be much more cost-effective than sodding, but sodding provides more immediate results.

    Why sprig when you can seed? Sprigging requires less maintenance and care than a newly seeded area, but seeding will grow in more uniformly and is much more cost effective than sprigging.  That being said, not all varieties of grass provide enough seed to produce commercially. St. Augustine for instance cannot be seeded effectively, so sprigging is a cost-efficient alternative compared to sodding.

    Overall, sprigging is not ideal for every project – for instance, sprigging is typically done on a large scale such as athletic fields, golf courses, and other large, open areas not residential lawns. 99.5% of the time, sprigging on commercial projects are a Bermuda variety, whereas the St. Augustine sprigs are mainly used for starting fields at actual sod farms to be cut out later in pallets.

    Many sod farms begin their new fields with sprigs. Believe it or not, sod varieties have their own brands and “lineage” if you will. In order to have a certified grass, there are various steps a farm has to take to ensure their sod meets the guidelines. The company who patents the new brand of a particular variety will sell their sprigs directly to farms, so those farms can then grow acres of that variety to sell by the pallet or roll. We will have more information for you on this process in the coming weeks! Check back every Friday to see what information we have in store for you.

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