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    One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what types of sod we have on-site ready for pick up. The answer to that question is pretty simple: none. The reason behind that; however, is a little more complex.

    We strive to provide our customers with the freshest sod available. If we have various types of sod sitting on pallets ready for pick up on a daily basis, there is a chance that sod may be sitting on a pallet for a few days before it actually sells. Some days we get orders like crazy for Bahia, other days are more St. Augustine heavy – it’s an ebb and a flow. While many people enjoy the convenience of being able to pick up their sod on a whim, wouldn’t you rather wait one or two days for sod that has been fresh cut specifically for your project? Who wants picked over sod that’s been passed up by your neighbors and other local contractors?

    While various types of grasses might survive sitting on a pallet – we never recommend it. Some varieties are more finicky than others, and while some may “come back to life” after browning up on a pallet, we can never guarantee it – especially after it’s sat on a pallet, already cut, for an extended period of time. We are not a depot & while we don’t condemn depots, we just have a different business practice.

    We do not have grass sitting around (i.e. dying) ready to be delivered to you or for you to pick up from us. Our pallets are cut as they are ordered, to ensure they are fresh for the project they are going to. Our ordering process is simple: reach out to us, we’ll give you a quote. If you agree with your quoted price, we’ll give you an estimated schedule date, the grass will be cut & you’ll get it via the method of your choice (delivery, installation, or pick up).

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