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  • Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

    We’ve all heard the age-old phrase “you get what you pay for.” I think every industry can acknowledge the truth behind this statement – ours is no different.

    When it comes to sodding your lawn, you have three main options to choose from: seeding, sodding, and artificial turf. While we won’t go too far into detail about our opinions on these options, there are a few important facts to consider:

    1. Seeding: this may be the cheapest option to consider when looking to spruce up your lawn. Whether you’re overseeding, dry seeding, or hydro-seeding, these are very cost-effective options that can assist you in achieving your goal if done correctly. The main drawback to any form of seeding is that you won’t have immediate results & if your application isn’t correct, you likely won’t receive the results you’re hoping for.
    2. Sodding: More expensive than seeding, less expensive than artificial turf. There’s no wait with sod – once installed, you have a beautiful lawn from the get go! The beauty of sodding is that you have a living organism that if treated correctly can thrive. Even if you struggle with disease or drought, if you care for it properly, it can come back from those things. All of the varieties of sod that are on the market give you a broad spectrum of options with regard to look, maintenance, and cost.
    3. Artificial Turf: this is easily the most expensive sod option on the market. Companies may boast how maintenance-free it is, but it actually does require maintenance, is terrible for the environment, and cannot be revived once it’s ready to be replaced – you have to start from scratch & pay the huge price tag again for a brand new lawn.

    While we may be biased, sodding is the best “bang for your buck” if you will. That being said, within the sodding industry you will find various prices between companies and their competitors. Our recommendation is that you get quotes from 3-4 reputable sod companies in your area. While we all prefer the best price on the market – it’s important that you acknowledge why some companies might be drastically cheaper than others. I’m not talking just cheaper – I’m talking 1/2 the price of others. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in these instances.

    If we had $1 for every story we’ve heard over the years about how the customer needs someone to fix their lawn or job due to poor workmanship and product from another company – we could close our doors today! Just remember, sod (or any living organism for that matter) isn’t manufactured in a warehouse – all pieces and pallets are not the same. All installation companies are not the same. Do your due diligence, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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