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  • Erosion Control, Take 2

    We’ve talked before about sod being a great option for erosion control. The only thing that can be a bit tricky is new sod that hasn’t taken root just yet – what happens when you’re working on a steep slope, or in a ditch that has water flowing through at a high rate of speed? Unfortunately, until sod takes root, it can have difficulty holding slopes and can be washed away by fast moving water. That being said – when there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Two of our favorite materials for keeping sod in place are Pins and Coco Mat; however, they do not work for every scenario.

    Pins are small metal stakes, about 4” long, that go through the grass, into the ground below & will hold the sod piece in place. Pins are a great option for slopes to prevent the grass from sliding. One thing to consider with pins is that if they are 4” long, the grass has about 2” of soil attached to it, only about 2” of the pin will go into the ground. With our sandy soil, pins can easily be pulled out if there is too much tugging on the sod pieces itself. You typically find this scenario in ditches that have strong waters flowing through them.

    Coco Mat on the other hand, is a product that is installed in the ground with sod to be installed over top of it. Pins are then used to connect the sod to the Coco Mat. Coco Mat is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product that will help provide more stabilization for the newly installed sod. While it does not replace a root system, and sod will be more stable once its roots establish, it is a good option to provide temporary relief.

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