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  • The Importance of a Quality Fleet

    As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” At Sunbelt Sod, we like to think that we are prepared for whatever job our customers bring us. We are in an industry that is focused on providing a quality service to our customer, and if we cannot competently complete their job, how can we expect them to trust us with their next job?

    While our employees play a large factor in what we’re able to accomplish, our fleet is another asset that sets us apart from others in our industry.

    1. Trucking: all of our trucking is done in-house (unless we have a driver that is on vacation). Keeping our trucking in-house reduces the need to rely on third parties, reduces overhead, and allows us to make any last-minute changes as-needed to accommodate our customers.
    2. Forklifts: we have a variety of forklifts which all serve their purposes. Our telehandlers give us the ability to reach areas that are more difficult to get to – it allows us to lift pallets over guardrails, hedges, fences, etc. Our track machines allow us to work on slopes and soft areas without the fear of getting stuck. Our wheeled machines are generally more quick than the track machines and are a top choice for running a longer distance such as roadways.
    3. Roll Installers: We have equipment specifically designed as roll installer that has turf tires made to reduce the wear and tear on grass. These machines are ideal for athletic fields, as the varieties of grasses used are typically much more fragile. Additionally, we have the ability of using attachments to convert our forklifts into roll installers – the benefit here is that we can use the track machines on slopes, or in softer areas to prevent getting stuck, or wheeled forklifts as extra machines in the event we have numerous crews installing rolls.
    4. Toro Workman: this is a specific brand of side by side that allows us to place our pallets in the bed, we can use these to truck the sod pallets farther into a job that is tighter to get into – such as down the cart path of golf courses, or in other tight areas where other equipment or trucks can’t fit.
    5. Sod Roller: Our sod rollers distribute weight evenly across the area it is being driven on to reduce air pockets between sod pieces and the ground. This gives the newly installed sod a clean look, reduces the look of seams, and allows it to grow in more uniformly.
    6. Hydroseeder: Hydroseeding is our newest service addition. Having a hydroseeder in our fleet allows us to provide many of our clients with a package deal and having to use only one contractor rather than two if their projects call for both sodding and seeding. Our hydroseeder has been a great addition that many of our customers have been able to take advantage of over the last year.

    Our fleet allows us to have control over every aspect of the job without having to rely on outside contractors to complete our scope of work. Relying on third party contractors can lead to miscommunication, mistakes, and delays. We are proud of what we have to offer and strive to be the top of our industry.

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