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  • Is Your Dog’s Urine Killing Your Lawn?

    Let’s start with the facts: only female dog urine tends burn grass, so if you have boys – that’s why you’ve likely never noticed it! But why is this? Chemically, male and female dog urine has the same makeup, so how is this a thing? Generally speaking, it has to do with the way a dog urinates – since females tend to squat, a more concentrated amount of urine stays in a smaller area; whereas with males, when they lift their leg, it usually isn’t directly on grass, and if it is, it sprays a wider area.

    Now – what can you do to prevent damage to your lawn? The easiest and most cost effective option is to water it down. Since the problem is the concentration of urine, not the urine itself, using a hose or sprinkler system to dilute what’s on your grass will help immensely. There are other options such as a designated area for your dogs to relieve themselves, products to help neutralize their urine, or diet changes, but we would recommend talking to your vet before making any big changes in their lives!

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