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    Perennial Peanut

    Perennial Peanut Perennial Peanut is a ground cover that can be laid like sod in pallets or rolls, or planted in pots or planters. It has a different look than grass with its unique leaf and a beautiful yellow/orange flower when in bloom. While it can be laid as sod, and is sometimes considered a...

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    A How-To Guide for DIY’ing Your Lawn

    A How-To Guide for DIY’ing Your Lawn So you like to take care of things yourself? Are you a Pinterest guru who loves home projects and seeing what you can accomplish? Then this is right up your ally! Today we’re going to teach you how to prep and install your new lawn yourself, and provide...

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    Proper Mowing Techniques

    Proper Mowing Techniques Who knew how you mow is important to your lawn health? Different varieties of grass have different mow requirements, and if you follow those, it will allow your lawn to flourish. Mowing increases the density of your lawn, which will reduce the chance of weed growth. Cutting height and frequency will have...

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    Hydro-Seeding To change it up a little, today’s Fun Fact Friday is going to go more in depth about a service we offer; rather than a particular sod variety. You may have seen our photos and posts about hydro-seeding – but what exactly is hydro-seeding, and what are the benefits of it? What is Hydro-Seeding?...

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    Bahia Grass

    How Sod is an Important Erosion Control Tool Bahia is the most cost-efficient sod on the market, and is perfect for our hot, Floridian climate. According to research done by the University of Florida IFAS extension, Bahiagrass was originally brought to the United States in 1914 to be used as a pasture grass, and is...

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