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    Saint Augustine

    Saint Augustine

    Did you know that Saint Augustine cannot be planted by seed? As a whole, it does not produce the amount of seed that would be needed. Instead, when grown by professional sod farmers, Saint Augustine is started as a sprig, and grows together to create the lush grass we strive to provide.

    Saint Augustine is one of the most popular and well-known types of sod available in our area. As a whole, it is very tolerant of the heat, humidity, and salt air that we know and love here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Known for its durability, quick establishment, beautiful blue-green hue, and thick, sharp blades, Saint Augustine is a top choice for yards in coastal and central Florida.

    Saint Augustine is not just one variety of grass – there are a wide variety of Saint Augustine grasses to choose from. If you think of it like you’re shopping for a new car – you wouldn’t go to a dealership and just ask for a Ford – you might say you’re looking for a small Ford car, or a mid-size Ford SUV – but it is important to provide some context of exactly what you’re looking for. Saint Augustine is the same – when looking for Saint Augustine for your yard – it is important to know whether you have full or partial shade, the amount of irrigation you have available, and what type of maintenance you are willing and able to provide to your lawn once established. That’s where we come in – we take our knowledge and guide you in the direction of finding the perfect variety to fit your needs.

    We’ve outlined some of the main differences between the more popular Saint Augustine varieties below:

    1. Floratam: one of the most popular in our area, given the fact that it thrives in direct sunlight. Floratam is one of the least shade tolerant varieties of Saint Augustine on the market. It is very similar in looks to Bitter Blue.
    1. Bitter Blue: one of the more shade tolerant grasses on the market, that grows a little more slowly than many other varieties, which can save you a little time mowing!
    1. Seville: one of the more shade tolerant varieties on the market, Seville is known for its beautiful dark green coloring and long, thick blades.
    1. Scotts ProVista: developed and backed by Scotts, the makers of Miracle-Gro, ProVista offers a new type of Floratam Saint Augustine that is tolerant of weed killers, so you can easily treat your lawn for pesky weeds without harming your beautiful grass. A slow-growing, some shade tolerance, lush sod that eliminates the need for excessive maintenance is the way to go!
    1. Citrablue: a new variety of Saint Augustine that was developed in late 2019 by our very own University of Florida (Go Gators!). While Citra-Blue shares many characteristics with other Saint Augustine varieties, it also grows a little slower to reduce your mowing time, is drought-tolerant once established, shade tolerant, provides that beautiful blue-green hue that Saint Augustine is known for, and is tolerant to many diseases that can be troublesome in grasses.

    Now that you have an overall understanding of Saint Augustine as a whole, and how some of the varieties differ – how in the world will you decide which is best for your lawn? That’s where we come in! We are proud of our knowledge in helping you choose what is best for your unique situation – whether that be based on the level of maintenance you are willing/able to provide such as irrigation, mowing, and insecticides, your lawn set-up such as shade and irrigation, or just the overall “look” you’re going for. We are here to help.