Remember how we discussed the fact that Saint Augustine isn’t just one type of grass, there are multiple varieties within the Saint Augustine family? Well Bermuda is the same.

As a whole, Bermuda grasses are known to have a grey-green coloring, and short blades. Known for its deep root system and durability, Bermuda makes an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as parks and athletic fields. Bermuda grows horizontally, thrives in temperatures from 75-99 degrees, is not shade tolerant, and thrives in full sun. Within the Bermuda family, there a number of Bermuda varieties. Some of our favorites include:

  1. TifTuf is by far our favorite Bermuda variety. It offers drought resistance once established, a fine texture, bright green color, soft touch, dense growth, and durability. TifTuf has proven results compared to other varieties in terms of color loss & drought resistance.
  2. Celebration is a popular Bermuda variety that offers a dark green color as well as some drought tolerance.
  3. Other varieties of Bermuda include Tifway 419, TifGrand, Bimini, Latitude 36, and Northbridge. While we can sometimes obtain these varieties depending on time of year and quantity needed, we do recommend TifTuf or Celebration in most cases; however, each project is considered on a case by case basis.

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