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expert workmanship.
superior materials.
unmatched customer service.

We call this our triple threat. These three key components of our company are what set us aside from our competition. We aren’t just good at what we do, we don’t just have great sod, we don’t just offer impeccable customer service – we’ve got all three. When working with us, you will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience, the quality of our sod, and the communication that comes with next level customer service.

Years of Experience
2022 square foot count

Why Choose Us

We’ve been in the business for long enough. We’ve seen plenty of competitors come and go, and we’ve seen a couple stay alongside us. We’ve taken what we’ve witnessed over the years, and used it to our advantage. Some of our learning experiences have been through trial and error, some luck, but mainly through hard work, honesty & integrity. We’re here to do our job, to make your project run smoothly, and to work together as a team to accomplish success.

Expert Workmanship

Our crews are experienced in what they do. There is a family member on-site at every job we work on, so there is always someone with vested interest in the company involved. We get our job done, and do it well every time.

Customer Service

We have full time office staff available by phone or email with full access to our crews, schedule, and any other information you might need. Communication is our top priority.

Superior Materials

We source our sod from various locations to ensure we have options. It’s always our goal to provide the best quality sod around.


All of our trucking is done in-house so we have full control over our deliveries. We own our semis, pick up trucks, and equipment, all of which are properly insured. We have everything necessary to complete our projects from start to finish.

family owned and operated

Small Business

When working with a family owned business, you’re working with people whose livelihoods are on the line. They don’t just want to be better, they need to be better. They work harder, they work longer, and they work together.

What once started as a dream has turned into a successful business with years of hard work & determination. Our names, legacies, and futures are on the line every day, so we’re willing to put in the work and make sure things are done correctly & our customers are taken care of.

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