How Sod is an Important Erosion Control Tool

Bahia is the most cost-efficient sod on the market, and is perfect for our hot, Floridian climate. According to research done by the University of Florida IFAS extension, Bahiagrass was originally brought to the United States in 1914 to be used as a pasture grass, and is now considered to be a Florida native grass.

Given its drought and heat tolerance, ability to thrive in poor soil conditions and withstand full sun, Bahia is one of the most durable turfs available. While it can grow in poor, sandy soils with limited fertilization and irrigation (once established), for optimal results, we always recommend keeping your grass watered and properly maintained. As as a perennial, it may go dormant during periods of drought. When dormant, your grass may look “dead” and appear brown/tan in color. Due to Bahia’s forgiving nature, and ability to “bounce back” quickly and easily once proper irrigation and maintenance is available, it is known to come back to life. The durability of Bahia as a whole can be credited to its extensive rooting system. Although it is not commercially grown for lawns, many find it a great option for lawn use due to its durability and price point.

Given its foundation as a pasture grass, all established Bahia in our area may be prone to arriving on site with some weeds, ants, and even a cow-patty or two. It may not be the prettiest right off the bat, but if you need assistance in the green-thumb department, Bahia may be the perfect choice for you!

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