To change it up a little, today’s Fun Fact Friday is going to go more in depth about a service we offer; rather than a particular sod variety. You may have seen our photos and posts about hydro-seeding – but what exactly is hydro-seeding, and what are the benefits of it?

What is Hydro-Seeding?

Hydro-Seeding is a method of planting grass seed. We use a machine specifically designed for hydro-seeding, which has a large tank in which we can mix the necessary materials. The Hydro-Seeder has a high-pressure hose that sprays the seed mixture directly onto the ground.

This seed mixture is a combination of mulch, fertilizer, seed, and sometimes other substances that provide a good base for the grass to grow in thick and healthy. This mixture is tinted a blue/green color, so you can easily see on the ground where it has been sprayed.

What are the benefits of Hydro-Seeding?

One of the most favored benefits of Hydro-Seeding is the cost. The cost to Hydro-Seed is typically a fraction of the cost to lay sod. While large areas can still add up quickly, it will be a lot less costly to hydro-seed rather than to lay sod.

In comparison to dry-seeding, hydro-seeding is a one step process that will reduce the amount of labor, additionally, if you use straw on your dry-seed, that will have weed seed in it as well, which hydro-seed does not. The thick mixture used in hydro-seeding will be a little more sturdy & durable than the loose straw spread over dry seed. Additionally, the mulch included in the hydro-seed mixture does not need to be removed at a later date.

Hydro-Seeding is a quick process overall, and is great for open areas such as pastures, hills and slopes. Due to the spray technique involved, you are more likely to have even seed disbursement and uniform germination.

Can I choose what type of seed I want?

To a certain extent, we’re happy to accommodate your request for specific types of grass, as always; however, with hydro-seeding, we’re limited to the types of grass that have seed commercially available. Not all grass (such as Saint Augustine) produces enough seed to be sold commercially. As such, our standard variety that we hydro-seed is Bahia; however, we can offer some varieties of Bermuda via Hydro-Seed as well.

Are there any drawbacks to Hydro-Seeding?

As with anything, there are a few characteristics that might not be ideal for everyone. For instance, with hydroseed, it does often times take a little time for the seed to germinate and fill in completely. Additionally, the limited amount of varieties available could be problematic for those looking for a specific sod variety. Overall, this is a great solution if you don’t mind waiting for the new grass to grow, and are open to a Bahia or Bermuda sod.

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