Perennial Peanut

Perennial Peanut is a ground cover that can be laid like sod in pallets or rolls, or planted in pots or planters. It has a different look than grass with its unique leaf and a beautiful yellow/orange flower when in bloom. While it can be laid as sod, and is sometimes considered a variety of sod, Perennial Peanut is actually a plant that can be purchased in containers.

While Perennial Peanut is a more expensive ground cover option, it is very aesthetically pleasing, drought tolerant once established, low maintenance, does not require fertilization, and requires very little mowing. For these reasons, Perennial Peanut is an excellent choice for road and parking lot medians, erosion control, difficult lawns, and other areas where irrigation is limited (all new installations will require irrigation of some of sort until the sod is established). This variety will not do well in shade, so full sun is the best location. Unlike other turf options, Perennial Peanut is resistant to pests and disease.

The growth habits of Perennial Peanut are some of the strongest selling points, in that it spreads horizontally, but not more than 5-7” per year (which makes it non-invasive), and while it will grow taller (4-6” ideally), it grows slowly which will reduce mowing time to about twice per year.

The beautiful, bright flowers of Perennial Peanut can be seen in bloom in the Spring, Summer and Fall. While extreme cold temperatures can cause it to go dormant, it is known to come back in the Spring again.

If you’re looking for a beautiful sod alternative that will set your yard apart from others – this is the right product for you! This is not the ideal lawn to play with your children and pets or walk barefoot through, it instead is most desirable for the look it provides.

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