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    Why are there Mushrooms in my Lawn?

    Mushrooms are a form of fungus that can be spread by the wind, or by you carrying spores on your shoes/tires/animals/etc. Fungus as a whole prefers dark, wet environments. You are more likely to find mushrooms in your lawn if you yard is shaded, and recently after a good rain (or if you’ve left your…

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    Is Your Dog’s Urine Killing Your Lawn?

    Let’s start with the facts: only female dog urine tends burn grass, so if you have boys – that’s why you’ve likely never noticed it! But why is this? Chemically, male and female dog urine has the same makeup, so how is this a thing? Generally speaking, it has to do with the way a…

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    Common Sod Maintenance Mistakes

    The guy in the picture at the bottom of this post mistakenly killed 40,000 square feet of his lawn after using the wrong chemical application (click here for that story). Don’t be like this guy. All in all, many people are successfully able to take care of their lawn maintenance needs without the help of…

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